illustrationISM is the act of continuously making your mark upon the world:
the art of being aesthetically nimble; employing the principle of line on your mark. Get, set.....go! Songs of Innocence - The New album by U2!


Francisco Chavez
I saw Francisco Chavez' OBIT in The Register Guard and thought
he lead an interesting life - so i decided to illustrate him!

( PLEASE know that these OBIT-ILLY'S are drawn with the intent to honor the reposed and their full lives.
Please forgive me if it offends anyone, I am in no way ridiculing the reposed.
I am truly inspired by their lives and accomplishments, so i want to illustrate them.
Nothing macabre, no nefarious reason, i'm drawn to people who have had noted presence in life.

M.I.A. illustrationISM
an illustration of UK's M.I.A.
(Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam)

A Matisyahu illustration with CHINA MARKERS!

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The Govna' in his early body-building days
(Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Topsy, Turvy, Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama, Lincoln, Obama
Isabel gave me a cool TOPSYS & TURVYS book for my birthday;
then Daniel and i made our own T&T's and this was my first one!

Bob Marley and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Berhane Salassie
Berhane Salassie / Bob Marley and his cancer.

John Lennon, illustrationISM
psychodelic??? a daddy and son #1 (beep beepa beep beep yAAa...)

Andrew Bird
Andrew Bird!!

BONO - 'If God Will Send His Angels' illustration...
Bono, U2, No Line on the Horizon

my FRUITLEG & SPICELEG bootleg CD COVERS - (sorry, no mp3's) . . .
BLUEBERRY Fruitleg CD Cover   BOYSENBERRY Fruitleg CD Cover  
CINNAMON Spiceleg CD Cover   CLOVES Spiceleg CD Cover  
COCOA Spiceleg CD Cover   COCONUT Fruitleg CD Cover  
DATES Fruitleg CD Cover   STARFRUIT Fruitleg CD Cover  
CRANBERRY Fruitleg CD Cover   LYCHEES Fruitleg CD Cover  
NUTMEG Spiceleg CD Cover   CURRY Spiceleg CD Cover  
GINGER Spiceleg CD Cover   LIME Fruitleg CD Cover  
MULBERRY Fruitleg CD Cover   PLUM Fruitleg CD Cover  
TANGERINE Fruitleg CD Cover   GRAPEFRUIT Fruitleg CD Cover  
MIRACLEBERRY Fruitleg CD Cover   POMEGRANATE Fruitleg CD Cover  
POTATO Fruitleg CD Cover   TEA Spiceleg CD Cover  
TOMATOES Fruitleg CD Cover   VANILLA Spiceleg CD Cover  
COFFEE Spiceleg CD Cover

Silk Screen, Mark Jaquette, Achtung Baby, Petersen Barn
My quick silk-screen design put on t-shirts!!

Eustace Tilley
This was my 2009 Eustace Tilley Contest
cover idea that was at THE NEW YORKER.

The Lost Dogs at The Wow Hall in Eugene
A poster i illustrated for THE LOST DOGS Concert
in Eugene, Oregon at The Wow Hall.

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne & his heavy tunes
(Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.)

John Tavener, illustrationISM
John Tavener & his heavenly tunes

Junior Girls Roller Derby
An illustration & typography for the
popular & successful Junior Girls Roller Derby Camp
(Brochure, T-Shirts & Stickers) in eUgene!

Cindy Blackman Jazz Drummer
An illustration from The New Yorker magazine
about jazz drummer Cindy Blackman!

April 6, 1947 - February 24, 2008 (60 years old)

Larry Norman, The Beatles, illustrationISM

unpublished, but in honor of Larry Norman and his profound line...
"the Beatles said 'All You Need is Love', and then they broke up!"

The Edge, U2, No Line on the Horizon
the edge from the tibetan fest . . . (unpublished)

Richard Roberts, Richard Rogers, The Door
3rd installation submitted for THE DOOR's 'coincidence' series.

McCoy Tyner
An illy that was in JAZZ TIMES Magazine
of McCoy Tyner!!!

Liberace, Tim Lahaye, The Door
an illustration seen in THE DOOR!
click here for THE CLASSIC Hinn and Hill

Jeremy Enigk illustrationISM
jeremy's looking down @ steve and making sure he's REALLY NOT going to really shoot someone!

Jack Lord and Hawaii 5-O
a banner politely promoting patrons to peruse publications at a public library

Winn Dixie
i remember working in Florida at WINN-DIXIE, in the coffee aisle one
day, and the shelves were not stocked with coffee and all the
java heads were ready to strangle ME because of it!!!
seen in REact.

77s, Strawmen
A 77s and STRAWMEN poster for the famous concert in Eugene, Oregon!

Mike Scott, The Waterboys
A poster drawn & quartered for the Waterboys concert in Pdx!

Jace Seavers illustrationISM
another cd 'jaquette' for Jace Seavers.

Spoken Word Jazz

Spoken Word Jazz is alive & well! A CD (si!) cover i did...
Jace K. Seavers! (PLUS linked to another illustration!)

Afghan Whigs - illustrationISM
my first published pen & ink illustration in the legendary THE ROCKET!!

This is just a few...Check back again for more updates, published pieces and
what else i'm doing...NOW, BACK TO THE DESIGN PAGE HERE


Mark Jaquette. 705 Louis. eUgene, oregon u.S.a.


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